Enter the fantastic world of Xenses!

Come and spend very special moments at Xenses, a half day park with activities and fantastic scenarios to arouse your senses to the fullest.

Inconsensible Circuit

Discover… a nonsensical Mexican Town that will test your balance, a fast descent on a Slip slide, a Bird Flight zip-line, and a Natural Xpa with activities like being covered in mud, floating in a salt river, and purifying your skin with potent streams of water.

Consensible Circuit

Live… a tour through different ecosystems in pitch black darkness, a walkway to experience what it would be like to be a giant or a dwarf, a little piece of Eden to interact with nature, the inside of the Earth among caverns and caves, fun optical illusions, and a delicious lemonade tree at Xitric Garden.

Fantastic Scenarios

Capture extraordinary moments in more than 50 fantastic scenarios: pose in a tunnel of hearts, lift the weight of the world with your hands, float inside a pool without getting wet, kiss a giant stone face, be like Superman in the fortress of solitude, and visit the upside down house, among many others.

Xenses is a park where the sum of your emotions is greater than the totality of your senses!

Special surprises to complement your experience

Xnack and The Grill

Have some delicious food prepared to order, to regain your strength and to include the sense of taste to this incredible experience.


You will find unique souvenirs to remember your visit to Xenses: games, shirts, swimsuits, mugs, keychains, pens, aromatherapy products, and many articles with different and very special characteristics.

Lockers, showers and restrooms

At Xenses, you have all the facilities available at your disposal, where you can also find very fun details to enhance the experience.


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