Two amazing Dolphins will teach you about their agility, intelligence and strength. Glide through the water during the foot push and the exciting dorsal tow. Without a doubt, this is the best interactive program and will be for sure The Experience of a lifetime!

The Greatest Experience!

Have you heard about Isla Mujeres? Do you know where it is located? Well, Isla Mujeres is the name of an island located just thirteen kilometers away/twenty minutes in ferry from Cancun in the Caribbean Sea and is only seventeen kilometers long.

Dolphin Discovery Isla Mujeres is located at the south part of the island surrounded by white-powdery sand, bright green palm trees and a turquoise crystalline ocean. In a few words, it is the perfect place to make your swim with dolphins dream come true!

Your new adventure starts with the once in a lifetime experience of interacting with dolphins, you’ll be enjoying their companionship while you take part in different activities depending on the program you choose, these activities can include a kiss, hug, getting a belly ride or a foot push from these beautiful and very intelligent animals.

You can also expand your experience by swimming with other marine species like sea lions, manatees, sharks and stingrays in their natural habitat while you learn from our marine mammal specialists the characteristics of each one and the personalized nutritional and health programs they receive daily. All of our encounters with the marine animals are full of fun and knowledge!

Enjoy the rest of your day taking a sunbath by the pool, eating traditional Mexican food and drinking refreshing cool beverages at our restaurants. If you’re feeling more adventurous you should absolutely go to Garrafon Park, one of the greatest attractions at Isla Mujeres, where you can enjoy different aquatic activities like kayaking, snorkeling or even a zip line just above the ocean. Enjoy this tropical treasure that Isla Mujeres has for you and all your loved ones and create the best memories ever!

Come and enjoy!
Now you are able to enjoy privacy, comfort and personalized service at our new Dolphin VIP Lounge area. If you’re the kind of person willing to experience the best, our VIP Lounge offers you the best option to relax with the one of a kind view of the Caribbean Sea while you immerse in our infinity pool or have a premium drink from a selected liquor collection.

Delight yourself with the international exquisite buffet that includes seafood, pasta, salads and more in an air-conditioned room full of windows so you can keep enjoying the perfect caribbean view.

Have the best time ever with your friends and family (children are allowed to access this area under parental responsibility).

Come and have the experience of a lifetime!


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